We constantly travel to Europe to select and train the best suited dogs with the best drives for this type of work. We also have pre-trained dogs for sale. The price on each dog varies on the breed, age, confirmation and working title if any; as well to the individual dog being papered for registration.

We will work with you according to your budget and needs to find the right dog for your needs. We keep in touch with breeders of working dog kennels for puppy placement programs that might be of interest to you. We welcome the opportunity of arranging a free consultation or evaluation for the type of training you desire.

All of our dogs are guaranteed against hip dysplasia and suitable for Personal Protection with NO TIME LIMIT ON THE GUARANTEE, with final determination made by you.

The following training is also available upon request.

    • Basic Obedience
    • Advance Obedience
    • Behavior Modification
    • We fully demonstrate the training of the dog you choose. Pre-training evaluation is honest and done in your presence.
    • We will not ship trained dogs without acquiring professional training.
    • Remember, Select a trainer or facility that has credentials, experience and recommendations behind them.
    • Beware of others that: Refuse to demonstrate the dog’s abilities to work.
    • A full Personal Protection dog that is not able to work and fight/Protect with the muzzle. REALISM IS ACHIEVED IN THIS MANNER.

Dogs that do not have a working and health guarantee. Take the time to select your new companion/protector. He will be part of you!