The following resources have been obtained from various sources including, but not exclusively from our Academy instructors. Please keep in mind that case law changes frequently and individual resources should be checked to ensure you are up to date on the latest in case law updates.

We will endeavor to keep the system updated as much as possible, however these resources should not be considered the complete resource of case law.


The information contained in these pages is far from complete. Updated case law is provided as part of the curriculum provided each year during the International Police K9 Conferences. The case files listed here are a publicly attainable via any law library.

Basic Narcotic Search and Seizure

  • Certification and reliability
  • Narcotic Searches of Persons
  • Use of Detection Dogs at Roadblocks
  • Use of K9 During Traffic Stops/Parked Vehicles
  • Baggage at Airports, Bus Terminals or Train Stations
  • Package Shipped Through Common Carrier
  • Personal Property Storage Lockers and Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Train Sleeper Cars
  • K9 Reliability for Probable Cause
  • Sensitivity to Small or Recent Amounts Recognized/Lingering odor alerts
  • Canine Searches of Homes
  • Narcotic Money Seizures
  • Tracking and Scent Discrimination Lineups
  • 63 ALR 4th 143 Dog Scent Discrimination Lineups 1988